strengthening employer engagement activity between schools and health care providers

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The Outbreak challenge was piloted at Great Torrington School. Using medical experts to advise on an ever changing medical outbreak scenario. Making links between the NHS and local schools to increase ambitions to work in the health care careers. Part of Talent for Care.
127 pupils completed the year 6 survey, of which 110 went on to year 7. They were joined by 12 new pupils who had not attended the year 6 induction day. This gave a total of 122 pupils in year 7 in September. Of these 88 were matched across the survey points and were part of either the Control or Test groups
Pupils in the Test groups showed a significant increase in key measures (ASPIRES) at the end of the six weeks against key questions . Pupils involved in the Test intervention were significantly more likely to consider careers involving 'inventing' or 'health care' at the end of the trial. Significant increases in interest in other careers, such as medicine, science and engineering were noted.
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