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The fourth MSC Journey to Medicine will be in July 2022. If you are in year 10 or 11 you can register for the FREE summer school. Find out more about the course and what previous participants thought.
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Catalysis brings together some important features that we believe
are missing from many current widening participation approaches:

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Strong connections with schools (toggle for more)
Strong connections with schools
Thanks to our schools and partners we have long standing, active networks, we set out with strong, collaborative relationships already in place with senior leaders, teachers and students at all levels in schools across England and Wales. This gives Catalysis a reliable mechanism for locating and involving young people who will genuinely profit from the scheme.
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Focus on OFS compliance (toggle for more)
Focus on OFS compliance
Our proposed selection approach will focus rigorously on students from Low Participation Neighbourhoods - meeting the Office for Students' primary criterion for recognition as widening participation.
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Proven content (toggle for more)
Proven content
Catalysis offers students a unique immersive introduction to higher education which has been tried and tested in a real University setting.
University credentials
Our collaboration with a highly experienced University WP team gives us a good, practical understanding of strategic priorities in higher education and the logistical challenges Catalysis will need to negotiate.
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Long term evaluation (toggle for more)
Long term evaluation
Our new approach will be subject to sustained, long term measurement and academic review, the aim being to create a new and authoritative body of research around the effectiveness of widening participation.
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Results from the pilot study
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Schools interested in being part of the next phase
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HEIs interested in being part of the next phase
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